Spotlight Performance in Action


The Spotlight Performance application is a role-playing simulator and coaching platform. It's a versatile tool that can help everyone from entry-level job hunters to seasoned sales executives; media consultants to courtroom attorneys; Avon agents to sports agents.

Yet, it's focused. We designed the application for a single purpose: To give your team the communications practice they need to succeed in today's hypercompetitive markets. (read more)(show less)

The program features a blend of leading-edge technology and time-tested fundamentals.  A core function of the application is that it enables you to use streaming video and a simple web-cam to create role-playing scenarios. You can develop simulations…practice, test, train…and even review… Right on your own computer.

Think of the airplane simulators pilots use. That's the idea. Except instead of practicing to land a 747 full of families, you practice landing a presentation without crashing in front of clients. We apply that same simulation concept: Lay-out the practice scenarios. Have the user jump-in and go hands-on. Review the performance and offer feedback. Adapt the simulation …And do it again!

High Leverage, High-Impact
Typically performance comes down to just a few moments of truth. Big presentations, sales calls, sensitive customer encounters, staff meetings, elevator pitches, and so on. Business success hinges on executing in these critical moments. The Spotlight Performance program provides the tools for your staff to re-enact and practice these interactions-to ensure they perform like pros, in every moment of truth.


Customize Content for Your Team's Needs
The application is designed for managers, coaches and trainers. We make it easy for you to develop and deliver your own instructional content-content customized precisely for your team's needs. (read more)(show less)

With the Spotlight Performance application you can:

  • Create customized simulations to re-enact the exact scenarios your team is apt to face
  • Develop assessments-and put employees through test-simulations. See firsthand how your team is handling critical inquiries and communicating key messages.
  • Recreate existing media interviews and other encounters, question by question. Let your team practice ad-libbing, so that when the time comes they're ready.
  • Design and embed learning aids - such as links to related content, coaching tips, and video clips of best-practice answers. Put this information right at the user's fingertips to optimize learning and practice sessions.
  • Upload external video content or record new videos right on the application
  • Integrate simulations with your existing training and management systems. It's the perfect complement to programs such as Miller-Heiman, Sandler, Carnegie, Covey and others -- a way to reinforce learning with hands-on practice and assessments.
  • Enlist our help in designing a customized series of scenarios based on your company's needs.

Custom-tailored scenarios give your team the trial-by-fire experience they need to develop dynamic, professional communications skills. The realism and hands-on nature of the role-playing experience can't be matched by seminars, manuals, or generic programs

Easy to Set Up, Easier to Use
The Spotlight Performance program isn't just incredibly powerful – it's also incredibly simple to use. Your team can access and use it in a matter of minutes. (read more)(show less)

Our application:

  • Requires only a computer and a webcam to get started
  • Will work on every operating system, in any browser, and with any webcam
  • Doesn't need to be installed or downloaded, since it’s web-based
  • Has an intuitive, simple interface that requires no computer expertise to use
  • Can be modified and updated in no time

We believe that the simplest tools deliver the best results. We make it easy to orient the team; easy to get going; and easy to start improving your performance!

Built-in Review & Report Capabilities
It's important to see firsthand how the team is progressing. It's important to adapt and pinpoint your coaching efforts. And, it's important to share results with the team members or with other managers. Our review functions help you assess, guide, and share feedback on user performance. (read more)(show less)

  • View and print reports based on respondent progress or comparative performance
  • Establish customized categories for response scoring
  • Create assessment simulations – customized tests for specific review purposes
  • Retrieve and review all submitted response-there's no storage limit
  • Provide others access to test results, saved video responses, and more. It's great for sharing information with other departments, managers, recruiters, and 3rd party vendors and consultants

Review and analyze every aspect of every response – and faster than you ever thought possible. You can see firsthand how you and your employees are improving. Content, articulation, eye contact, "umm's" and more.

Unlimited, Deliberate, and Guided Practice
Just like playing the piano and fielding ground balls, communicating face-to-face is a skill best developed through focused and repetitive practice. The experts are clear on this point. Our application helps your team optimize learning and practice efforts: (read more)(show less)

  • Practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office – anytime, anywhere.
  • Access notes, tips, and instructional content – get question by question guidance
  • Pause simulations to review and modify your responses. Repeat simulations and scenarios as many times as it takes to nail the right response
  • Conquer cold-feet and performance anxiety through saturation and immersion training.
  • Acquire the professional's habit of preparation: anticipate the key concerns of your audience; develop key themes & precise responses, and drill (drill, drill!).
  • "Practice ad-libbing" - Field questions until you can effortlessly recall crucial message points and related anecdotes…and seamlessly integrate them in a natural and conversational manner.

Use the Spotlight Performance program to achieve the ease and effectiveness of top executives in profession interactions. Proven performers attain the confidence, fluidity and competence from repetition and experience. These professionals have been through thousands of interactions. By re-enacting these experiences with off-line practice, we help you accelerate down the path of mastery.

Spotlight Performance is the perfect platform for practicing and preparing for professional interactions.

Contact us now to set up your free consultation or to learn more.

Performing in the Spotlight

What does it take to perform
when the curtain goes up?
Rehearsing... drilling...

For every line uttered on
stage, the actor rehearses it a
thousand times beforehand.

For every ground ball fielded
in a baseball game, the pro
player has taken thousands in

For every question received
on CNN, the politician has
drilled endlessly in mock-ups
with handlers.

We help you delineate your
own stage situations and
concentrate training efforts to
ensure you're ready to perform
in the spotlight.