Games Swedish People Play

Cool use of gamification. Authorities in Sweden enter drivers who go the speed limit into a lottery (funded by speeding ticket fines!).

Being Natural Doesn’t Come Naturally

What distinguishes the top executives or sales professionals from the rest of us?   Two things often cited are 1) top performers have an ability to talk strategy and to demonstrate vision in meetings;  and, 2) they come across as relaxed, natural and, conversational, even when they're in high-stress encounters.

May I Offer You a Heimlich?

Are high-performers prone to choke in pressure situations?  Counterintuitive as that may sound, findings in psychology and neuroscience suggest that they might be.  In her work at the University of Chicago, cognitive psychologist Sian Beilock resurfaces and builds on these findings.

A picture is worth a thousand words


 And video is worth a google!   Use it.  Help your team avoid the big crashes.