About Us

Spotlight Performance is an Atlanta based technology and performance improvement firm. Our centerpiece product is a web-application—a robust coaching tool for verbal communications and professional interactions.

“A practice court for interactions”

We initiated the Spotlight Performance project on a simple, but powerful premise: if you want to get better at something you practice.  We designed a program to help people do just that.

Leveraging video technology, our application enables people to practice communication: Sales calls, presentations, interviews, elevator pitches, service calls.  We enable people to unlock their potential in any professional encounter.  Our practice programs allow your team to convert knowledge to skills, and to attain repeatable execution.

Tools that help your team practice…prepare…and then perform at full potential

We help organizations make massive gains by simply executing better on what they already have and what they already know.

  • We help end-users by providing them with a means to go hands-on and practice communicating.
  • We help coaches & managers by providing them the means and methods to develop customized practice and testing material for their teams.
  • We help organizations to directly attack areas of high-impact: execution in sales presentations, customer service encounters, and other key interactions.

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If you want to get better at something you practice. Our tools enable practice.

Video Analysis

Much of what we learn is through visualization. The brain has an amazing ability to replicate a program enabling the body to model what it sees.

Video is especially effective in reviewing compound motions that involve interdependent and concurrent actions. Swinging a racket, throwing a ball, executing a music sequence ...or delivering a talk.  

One feature of our application is that it allows you to record model answers for a given scenario. Your employees can watch this model answer and then compare it to a recording of themselves. By letting them see the gaps firsthand, you’ll help them develop effective skills in a non-threatening and highly effective manner.